I am a full-stack web developer. My specialty is application back-end and database development for processing analytics, inventory and point-of-sale data. Feel free to visit LinkedIn for my updated profile and don't be shy to connect.




The IoT is starting to have increasingly bigger impact on business decissions. The effective capture, management and processing of fast data has become a key success factor for many businesses. Data leveraged by cloud-powered C# or PHP back-end applications provide a clear and consistent stream of business inteligence to customers. Securely delivered to the right people at the right time.

Ask me about:

  • → Processing and storage of structured, fast data.
  • → Parsing and data encryption.
  • → Custom application & web development.
  • → Database and server administration.
  • → Web application security.







VB Script


Linux Server



MySQL, MariaDB

MS Azure SQL

Web Design

Database Design


Web Security

Data Analysis

Web Analytics


and more...


I was not always so single pointed. Samples of my previous work, a mixture of web based projects, online marketing campaigns, ads, banners, book-covers, magazines, cartoons, product labels, logos, etc. are available for preview in my PORTFOLIO → . Altough my primary focus for the past few years was mostly on mid-sized applications for processing structured data, I still enjoy graphic design work once in a while to feed my creative side.




From time-to-time I tend to write something related to programming or cyber-security. Feel free to browse.

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